First international art exhibition for recyling art from 21st July 2004 to
29th August 2005. Opening at Tuesday 20th July.
Workshop Yorga 23/27 august

the first international art exhibition that shows only
art and design with a strong attitude towards recycling. The exhibition
takes place in the Hamburg area at the Sietland township next to German
North Sea coast during summer holiday season.

RE-ART ONe shows works of 20-30 artists, designer or crafts people that are
made by different waste materials like aluminium cans, scrap metal, plastic
or paper waste. The exhibition takes place in a former recycling works, that
went bankrupt a couple of years ago.

The exhibition will promote the thought of sustainability in industrial
societies, inspire industry and consumers to focus on good design and
products made by recycling materials or with low waste output and low energy

INSTALLATION PROJECT/ "Rest out of waste"

Adhesive tapes and clingfilms are mainstream mass products which are always thrown after use. By using them as the very first material of my creation, I extract them from the wasting cycle of throwable objects.
For Re-Art one, I want to experiment the meeting of those linking fluids with selections of objects and cartons from the junk, to show the possibility of building a comfortable living space out of the waste. As a hunter in the Taiga, the inhabitants of the city must find alternative ways to build their ephemeral shelter, in any space where they can rest and have a break.