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>>>> Arborescence Science-art-nature Festival Aix en Provence
Organisation of the performance-art festival "Arts Directs" (Chigné, 49)
>>>> International Meetings of Contemporary Arts in Chizé (Poitiers)
Rencontres sur L'hospitalité, à Viens (Alpes de Haute-Provence)
>>>> Puppets and rituals, Museun of the Ardenne in Charleville-Mézières

>>>> Collective Land-art
creation, with primary school of La Bastidonne en Lubéron
>>>> Workshop/performance with kids from the centre social Riquet, Paris 19e
land-art workshop and performance for recycling art exhibition Re-art one (Hambourg)
>>>> opening of the Pluc, Shiofuki video about fountain women(Sarthe)
Festival Eurocultured Manchester

2003 Olympia Paris
>>>> Eurockéennes Belfort

>>>> street theater festival, Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada
>>>> Nordik Impakt (Caen)
>>>> Les 3 Elephants, Lassay les Chateaux Mayenne
Garden Party Festival "socialkaléidoscope" (Geneve)
>>>> Gallery ShowBedroom "Cabinet of Mutology" (Nantes)
>>>> with J-L Costes in the Ancienne Préfecture(Toulouse)

>>>> in situ art, Mixart Myrys (Toulouse)

2002 Sotodo Performance congress (Paris)
>>>> International Festival of the Urbankind(Créteil)
>>>> Intercultural Festival in Mostar (Bosnia Herzegovina)
>>>> Zinneke Parade (Bruxelles)
>>>> Gardenparty Festival(Genève)
>>>> International Fair for Contemporary Art (Le Mans)
>>>> Fantastic Film Festival(Bruxelles)
>>>> Gallery Technoplus (Paris)
2001 Contemporary art space "Hélice terrestre" (Saumur)
>>>> Fetish Film Festival(Paris)
>>>> L'atelier Gallery(Le Mans)
>>>> Living sculpture Art 3D (Pont Aven)
2000 Club Eimer/Galerie expo3000 (Berlin)
>>>> Party for Mistress Cindy's VIPs (Paris)
>>>> Pont-Croix/Pont-Aven (Finistère)
1999 Curation ritual in Fenerive-Est (Madagascar)
>>>> Clubs Markt9/Ilses Erika (Leipzig)
>>>> Kromsdorf Castle (Weimar)
1998 Congress for Performance & visual arts, 72H (Berlin)
>>>> Kulturhof (Berlin)
1997 Articulate disgripper(Toulouse)
>>>> Mix-Arts Myrys (Toulouse)

December 2001 with Zakya (algerian dancer)
and Lotfi (Derbouka drummer)
Les Arts dinent aux Chandelles (Douarnenez)
August 2001
with Martin Lersch
Espace d'Art Contemporain l'Helice Terrestre (Saumur)
July 2001, 2000 and 1999 with Val.B
Festival of sculpture ART3D (Pont-Aven)
July 2001
Festival Passerelles of the Theater of l'Eclair (Concarneau)
February 2001
Fetish Film Fest in the cinema Action Christine (Paris)
octobre 2000
drummer Ramon Lopez
and decembre 1999
Cave of Jazz of the Moulin of la Vapeur (Orleans)
September 2000 with Sjorre de Stoute
Club Eimer and gallery Expo3000 (Berlin)
1999 with Val.B, Doreen and Juliette  Chapel of the Castle of Kromsdorf (Weimar)
May 1999 with Val.B Clubs Markt Neun and Ilses Erika (Leipzig)
novembre 1998
RoterSalon of the theater VolksBühne (Berlin)
1998 with Val.B Congress for Performances and visual art, 72 Stunden (Berlin)


July 2001: Sysiphe parachute with Val.B, Pont-croix, Finistere

24/10/00 Scorpyo with Katherine Farrell, Cabaret L'Etincelle, Angers

23/07/00 The new galaxy with Maï Reun, Pont-Croix, Finistere

30/06/00 Okeepa, Dance of the sun with Martin Lersch, Le Guedeniau, Maine-and-Loire

23 /06/00 Furs and Fairs with Val.B,  at Maîtresse Cindy's, Paris

25/12/99: ritual curation with Val.B, entrepôts Lacaria, Fenerive-Est, Madagascar

19/03/99  Cage/Aquarium with Val.B, caves of Samakeller, Berlin

20/02/99 The Diva and the Leopard with Val.B and Maï Reun, Atelier K9, Berlin

18/01/99 Macho Travelo with Val.B and Sjorre de Stoute, Cafe Jersey, Berlin

18/12/98 Hang/Tense with Val.B, Cinema Shrine, Berlin

05/12/98 Autopsy and Organs Gift with Val.B and Sjorre de Stoute, Cinema Brotfabrik, Berlin

03/09/98 Her dreams scratch with Val.B, gallery Weisser Elephant, Berlin

25/08/98 In the bed of the Torrent with Val.B, Carlazzo, Como, Italie

10/08/98 Juliana At The Cross with Nicolas Primat and Juliana, Pont Neuf, Toulouse

14/07/98 Scalp with Val.B and Edwige Mandrou, Castle of Vinsac, Toulouse

04/07/98 Mutation1 in the phoneboot with Val.B, Orleans

04/07/98 Mutation2 in the Fountain of the Temple with Val.B, Orleans

25/06/98 Arachnoïd Schrei with Val.B, Roofss of the Schliemannstr.40, Berlin

20/06/98 The Blind Guide Tyger with Val.B, Kongress für Performance, 72H, Berlin

19/06/98 The Voyeurs, idem 18/06/98 Rite at the Mirror, idem

02/05/98 My name is Severine with Val.B and 1KA, theater of marionnettes, Toulouse

March 98  Vertical Bed with Val.B

March 98 Osmosis Duel with Val.B and Kolett,

Octobre 1997 Bondage Inox with Val.B, Aufbruch Kino, , Berlin

Octobre 1997 Knots and Nails with Edwige Mandrou, Aufbruch Kino, , Berlin

Octobre 97 Photocopy Body building with Val.B, Nicolas Primat and Sarah, gallery Unart, Weimar

Decembre1996: "in the box "  solo, Usine Myrys , Toulouse.

March 96 : Fire on cement - Mikado at the wall, Labo  ExperimentalMusique, Toulouse

01/11/95  Metal Eros with 1KA, Terre Blanque, Toulouse

93-95 Sound Actions Ecce Kaos, Rennes, Bruitisme, chant, voix, metal.Creation of cassettes.

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