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Yorga, Arte Vitae & bio

>>>> Arborescence Science-art-nature Festival Aix en Provence
Organisation of art performance festival "Arts Directs" (Chigné, 49)
>>>> International Meetings of Contemporary Arts in Chizé (Poitiers)
>>>> Rencontres sur L'hospitalité, à Viens (Alpes de Haute-Provence)
>>>> Puppets and rituals, Musée de l'Ardenne à Charleville-Mézières

>>>> Collective Land-art
creation, avec l'école primaire de La Bastidonne en Lubéron
>>>> Workshop/performance with kids from the centre social Riquet, Paris 19e
land-art workshop and performance for recycling art exhibition Re-art one (Hambourg)
>>>> opening of the Pluc, Shiofuki video about fountain women(Sarthe)
Festival Eurocultured Manchester

2003 Olympia Paris
>>>> Eurockéennes Belfort
>>>> street theater festival, Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada

>>>> Nordik Impakt (Caen)
>>>> Les 3 Elephants, Lassay les Chateaux Mayenne
Garden Party Festival "socialkaléidoscope" (Geneve)
>>>> Gallery ShowBedroom "Cabinet of Mutology" (Nantes)
>>>> with J-L Costes in the Ancienne Préfecture(Toulouse)

>>>> in situ art, Mixart Myrys (Toulouse)

2002 Sotodo Performance congress (Paris)
>>>> International Festival of the Urbankind(Créteil)
>>>> Intercultural Festival in Mostar (Bosnia Herzegovina)
>>>> Zinneke Parade (Bruxelles)
>>>> Gardenparty Festival(Genève)
>>>> International Fair for Contemporary Art (Le Mans)
>>>> Fantastic Film Festival(Bruxelles)
>>>> Gallery Technoplus (Paris)
2001 Contemporary art space "Hélice terrestre" (Saumur)
>>>> Fetish Film Festival(Paris)
>>>> L'atelier Gallery(Le Mans)
>>>> Living sculpture Art 3D (Pont Aven)
2000 Club Eimer/Galerie expo3000 (Berlin)
>>>> Opening of Mistress Cindy's space(Paris)
>>>> Pont-Croix/Pont-Aven (Finistere)
1999 Curation ritual in Fenerive-Est (Madagascar)
>>>> Clubs Markt9/Ilses Erika (Leipzig)
>>>> Kromsdorf Castle (Weimar)
1998 Congress for Performance & visual arts, 72H (Berlin)
>>>> Kulturhof (Berlin)
1997 Articulate disgripper(Toulouse)
>>>> Mix-Arts Myrys (Toulouse)

Born in 1972 in Rennes .

Childhood in the countryside, scientific vat, litterature, English licence.

In 93, sonic experiments in Rennes with the group Ecce Kaos : hometapes and noise poetry.

In 95, departure to Toulouse. First concerts/performances in the Myrys Factory and beginning of the adventure with the LEM (Laboratory of Experimental Music) within the 1KA band.
In the factory, the plastic artists of "Articule Dégrippant" offer me a place in their workshop and I start to store ideas and materials for my first visual performances. Meet with Valerie Batel, who will become my performance partner and partner.

The daily practice of creation, in a fraternity of radical engagement, enables me to discover another way of considering art, at last in life .
I decide to devote my time to performance-art, a place for research and ideal laboratory. Place for meeting too: my actions often leave a room for interventions of children, friends or assistants impromptu.

In 97, a HAPPENINGTRIP Toulouse - Weimar - Berlin - Toulouse , 16 in a minibus, for a series of happenings entitled Total Spektakl .

In 98, back to Berlin (Prenzlauerberg) for a participation in the Congress of Performances and Arts Visual "72 Stunden". After this congress, I live one year and half in ex-EastBerlin (Friedriechshain), with my girlfriend and a couple of Argentinian artists, Damian Crubellatti and Adriana Pavic.
June 99, departure for Weimar and Leipzig (2 months) then Madagascar (3 months).
Return in France in 2000 and search for a house/atelier in the countryside. I live from now on in a village of 280 inhabitants, in the North-East of the Maine-and-Loire, in an old post office wherefrom I prepare my trips. I live with Valerie Batel, painter, who takes part in many of my actions. And we have a son, Noé , born on November 9, 2000.

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