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Site-specific Installations

Body-art and Land-art Workshops

Commissionned projects

Art Performance

Using rolls of plastic and adhesive tapes
as the basic matter and medium of
my language,
I build poetrical
objects, environments and proposals.

The plastic is unrolled, tensed, woven to evoke a universe of organic forms,
in daily spaces as well as in strange locations.
Through the imagery of the animal kingdom
(cocoons, chrysalis, traps, nests, eggs, cobwebs, etc),
I explore and question the human rituals
(clothing, initiation rite, marriage, telephone, meet in love, theatre, transportation...).

And I propose people to create a meta-derm out of their own body.

In private or public performances, I surround human beings (men/women/children)
in plastic films and adhesive tapes, according to the derm/épiderm principle .



  Exhibitions / actions in art-galleries

Installations / work in process / performing art in festivals

Settings for photographers

Scenery-interventions for plays, cultural events

Live-act and visual art for private parties, concerts, techno-parties, night-clubs

Electroacoustic music, soundperformances in concert spaces

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