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 Yorga uses rolls of plastic and adhesive tapes to create and fix ephemeral sculptures.

Each realization is specifically created for an event , including the architecture and the atmosphere in the art process. In performances, I often work with musicians, other artists and any volunteers.
The moment of creation becomes a work of art which is held at the rate/rhythm of the rollers of Scotch tape and cellophane, according to a process which integrates also symbolic systems objects. Occasion of adventure and experiment , each performance remains open to the improvisation.

The plastic is fixed, unrolled, tensed, woven to evoke a universe of organic forms, in daily spaces as well as in strange places.

From an aesthetic point of view , the plastic films and adhesive tapes make it possible to play with the transparency, shade projections, light which passes through my constructions. Plastic surfaces change into three dimensional stained glass, which plays with the circulations in the landscape.

The available points of structure influence the form of my constructions and the need for my displacements. In this permanent movement, the accidents and the obstacles are partners of the action. A choreography gets generated by selected materials and their occupation of space. My physical and mental envolvement in the performance aims at the intensity of the moment, the complete concentration in the gesture and the image, the experiment, interactions.

In my workshop or during public performances, I wrap men and/or women with cellophane and adhesive tapes, according to the principle derme/épiderme.
The models try out this second skin which provokes new feelings (comfort, heat, new zones of perception) then they remove themselves their chrysalis. They can hold between their hands a facsimile of their own skin.

More than A BODYPRINT, it is a memory-object, a metamorphosis-witness.

The performance lasts the time wished by the model. The resulting sculptures integrate other actions, installations.