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2003 The Nomad Atelier>>>>


2002 Mutology Cabinet

>>>> ARTFAIR Art2000Contemporain

>>>> Labyrinth

>>>> Membranextension


July 2001 the wild boar, suspension in expensive Main street, cords, cellophane, red Scotch tape, Gallery Maï Reun, Pont-croix, Finistère

June 2000 the stained glass, suspension floating between poplars, 14 m height, pink plastic , orange adhesive tape, Récup' art, Guédéniau, the Maine-and-Loire

25 déc 99 the crutch tree, Ambohidratrimo, Madagascar

May 99 No Past Retrospektive, Human Moults, club Markt Neun, Leipzig

23 déc. 98 to the 20 fév 99: Don' t change nothing in the house, Mues, Work in progress with the Artischock gallery, Berlin

3 to Dec. 9 98: Intimate platform, Moults, Photocopies, nails, Umkreis Film Festival, Brotfabrik, Berlin

13 to Oct. 24 98: Chances of barks, panes with impacts, photographs and words of voyage, Centers Cuzin, Auch

3 to the 15 seven 98: Invasion with human size, Tunnel, Fabrics and Labyrinth, Spiders Gallery Weisser Elephant, Berlin

August 98: Device of suspension for three stones, Adhesive red, white and cream, Park of the Castle of Durban, Ariège

July 98: Vertical fabric, Adhesive white and cream, on ruin of garage Waste ground, Douarnenez

June 98: Invasion of grain elevator, cellophane, Adhesive remover, cage, headstock, objects sound, Kongress für Performance und Visual Art, Berlin

March 98: The mental Prosthesis, Mannequin, objects bent with the wire on metal diagrid Expo Articulate Releasing, the Vault, Toulouse

April 97: Kubik uterus: Large cage suspended with wire of telephone, nettings, plastics, the love and the war, articulates releasing, Usines Myrys, Toulouse

Nov. 96: See-through labyrinth, black Light and transparent papers, Expo Articulate Releasing, Usines Myrys, Toulouse

March 96: It is in the box, Photographies, busts, boxes, sheets, diagrids, chains, wobbly chairs and ladders, Labo of Experimental Music, Toulouse